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Blowsion Cylinder Sleeve - Yamaha 850

Blowsion Cylinder Sleeve - Yamaha 850


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Yamaha SuperJet 850 Big Bore Sleeves. Performance Pre-Ported. Price listed is per sleeve. To be used with stock stroke through 6 mil stroker motors. Blowsion custom designed sleeve features a wider exhaust port, wider boost port, deeper transfers and a narrowed skirt. Due to the unique design of our 850cc big bore sleeves it is imperative that they are installed in a 760 (64X) cylinder rather than in a 701 (61X) OEM Cylinder. The 760 cylinder (and a select few 701 Runabout Cylinders) incorporates the additional cylinder material required to receive the full potential of our monster sleeves. Please also note we have available spacer plates for stroker applications or to modify cylinder deck heights.


  • 62T Raider (701cc) or 64X (760cc) OEM Yamaha Cylinder. (61X 701 NOT APPLICABLE)
  • Pro-X Piston Kits: Available sizes (89.00mm, 89.25mm, 89.50mm, 89.75mm, 90.00mm and Wiseco 90.50mm, 91.00mm). Piston kit includes (Piston, Rings and Cir-Clips).
  • Pro-X Wrist Pin Bearings.
  • Blowsion 850 Cylinder Head Domes. To accommodate the larger bore sleeves we offer a specially designed dome that fits into our Blowsion 2-Piece Girdled Cylinder Head.
  • Requires OEM Crankcase Machining.
  • Requires Cylinder Machining for Sleeve.

Part Number: 01-03-452

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