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WORX Ride Plate - WR310 - Kawasaki SXR

WORX Ride Plate - WR310 - Kawasaki SXR


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This WR310 is a totally new design for the SXR developed for WORX by our team rider Jordan Fielder GB 37 and his US tuner Ronnie Saner. This is the plate used by Jordan when he won the Pro Mod class at World Finals in 04. The plate has the Worx trademark "D" cut out for extra hook-up and to really hold you in those hard turns. It is also the first tune-able ride plate ever made, the handling can be adjusted to suit the riders weight and the power level of the ski by cutting back the rear corners of the plate. Performance Benefits This plate is considerably longer then the OEM plate with our trade mark “D” cut in it, the extra length of the plate holds the boat flatter and stops porpoising, the “D” cut makes a big difference to the handling in several ways; 1. It helps to hold the boat flatter in rough water and under initial acceleration, as the bow lifts the “D” cut out bites into the water pulling the boat back down which let’s the pump get better hook-up and drive. 2. When you are cornering hard the ‘D” cut out keeps the boat more stable by allowing water to travel over the top of the plate through the cut-out. 17.5" in Length

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