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WORX Intake Grate - WR223 - Seadoo RXP

WORX Intake Grate - WR223 - Seadoo RXP


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The RXP is the ultimate fun machine! Supercharged, intercooler, 215 HP it is a blast to ride! These boats hook up pretty good in the calm but really benefit from our intake grate in choppy to rough water. The Worx grate will not cost you any top speed in the calm but will give you heaps better hook up and drive in the rough and around the track for closed course racing. This grate has two bars running the full length of the boat that hang down and stop the back of the boat from sliding out, the centre blade of the grate does most of the work in the straights and the side wings come into play in the corners to keep the pump fully loaded and driving. Pair with our WR526 Sponsons for winning results!

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Part Number: WR223

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