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Tubbie MIII Sponsons - Universal Fit -Screw On

Tubbie MIII Sponsons - Universal Fit -Screw On


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Now for 2011 with the exciting introduction of our removable bolt on Destroyer Tubbies Sponson line we have streamlined production and reduced cost of the screw on permanent Tubbie III's. This universal-fit Tubbie III race model will fit all stand up models on the market.

We asked our riders and customers...we got a lot of feed back... we listened. Used by World Champions Dustin Motzuoris and Steven Dauliach the Tubbie MIII is called the SlimPhast Sponson due to its sleek and fast design shape. This is not a cheap plastic ripoff copy, but the real deal with real development, durability and design incorporated from years of testing and riding. The latest trend in runabout PWC hulls in recent years has been, ‘wider is better’. This also has been the case in recent stand up design as well. The new Tubbie MIII, like all the models in the original Tubbie line from Blowsion, is universally applicable to all stand up hull shapes. However, the Tubbie MIII offers the Kawasaki SXR and Hydrospace S4 racer (and hardcore rec shredders) a front sponson model that is tailored to fitting these two craft specifically.

There have been only a few inherent problems with racing the Kawasaki SXR and S4 from Hydrospace. Keeping the ski hooked up in the turns, and the nose submerging. Very small complaints against an incredibly well designed machine. Some felt the current Tubbie I and II models were too wide for the SXR and S4, especially in racing conditions and with lighter/smaller riders. On these new hulls, many felt the Tubbies lifted the nose to high. There were complaints that they sometimes felt unstable on calm water at certain speeds...Riders had to lean on the bars...the bow hunted sometimes...thus the development of the SlimPhast Tubbie MIII Technology.

With the inclusion of the Tubbie shape in the new 2008-2009+ OEM SJ hull design we have adapted our Tubbie MIII shape and installation guide to allow the Tubbie III"s to improve upon this exciting OEM hull change. For Freeriding the new SJ we have tested and found the "sweet-spot" with direct feedback from our Blowsion Sponsored IFWA World Champion for 2008 Pro Freerider ROSS CHAMPION. Please email for updated pics of this unreal new set up!

With this Blowsion patented two-plane technology we have slimmed, trimmed and re-defined the patented Tubbie two-plane shape specifically to accommodate the already WIDE footprint these hulls have. This allows the hull to sit slightly deeper in the water, while still giving the ski the well known benefits of the Tubbies aggressive turning, hook up and bow buoyancy. This, all without creating too much flotation and side to side instability at mid speeds. We have found with the addition of the Tubbie MIII the ski is much less fatiguing to the racer as it becomes easier to maneuver around the course on long motos. Like the Tubbie I and II, the Tubbie MIII is a win-win benefit to any rider or ski, but the Tubbie III is made specifically with the aggressive racer in mind. Each set available in white gelcoat and includes detailed installation instructions and all stainless hardware. Patent Pending # 60/509.114.

*We Recommend using 2 tubes of our fast-set Marine Sealant & Adhesive for installation.

Part Number: 02-01-004

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