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Destroyer Sponsons - Superjet 2008+ / FX-1

Destroyer Sponsons - Superjet 2008+ / FX-1


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Trying to improve on an already amazing product? The Tubbie Destroyer sponson design is the present day evolution of the Blowsion original Tubbie Freeride sponsons created in 2001. Interested in wanting to experience the Tubbie handling improvements but a little nervous about screwing and gluing into your beautiful machine? Built and shaped specific to the unique hull shape of the 2008 and Newer SuperJet as well as the Yamaha Fx1 contour, the Tubbie Destroyer is fully removable with an average 10 minute per side install. Composite backed, the Destroyers do not use screws for installation. Three(3) machined billet and stainless coupling inserts per side are included with each set of Destroyer sponsons. That is all that is required for hardware install! This is the ultimate in customized front sponson set ups and allows each rider to adapt to different riding conditions and test with ease. Designed exclusively for the shape of the 2008 and newer Super Jet hull shape and FX1, these sponsons put to bed and DESTROY other poorly made copy cat front sponsons offered.

Color Options

  • PN# 02-01-012 - White Finish
  • PN# 02-01-016 - Black

Racing, Freeriding and Freestyling the new improved 2008+ Newer Super Jet hull design has been a thrill for anyone that was frustrated by the 11+ years of no changes or improvements of the 1996-2007 Yamaha Super Jet . With the addition by Yamaha in 2008 of the subtle and long concave Tubbie shape incorporated into the OEM hull (wonder where they got that idea?), we had very few complaints against an incredibly well designed bottom hull design. What we have found was the 08+ current SJ was still not responding to the more aggressive riders. Not enough Tubbie! Thus we developed and shaped these removable Tubbie Destroyers to improve upon the 2008+ current OEM Yamaha bottom hull design. For Freeriding we tested and found the "sweet-spot" install location with direct feedback from our Blowsion Sponsored Pro Freeride World Champions ROSS CHAMPION and AIR DARIN ANDERSON.

For racers shredding the buoys, the Tubbie Destroyers for the 08+ current SJ allow the hull to sit slightly deeper in the water, while still giving the ski the well known benefits of the Tubbies aggressive turning, hook up and bow buoyancy. This, all without creating too much flotation and side to side instability at mid speeds. We have found with the addition of the Destroyers the 08+ current SJ is much less fatiguing to the racer as it becomes easier to maneuver around the course on long motos. Like all the Tubbie models offered by Blowsion, the Destroyer for the 2008= current Super Jet and FX1 is a win-win benefit to any rider or ski. Constructed specifically with the aggressive racer and freerider in mind. Each set available in polished White or Black gel coat and includes detailed installation instructions with all stainless and billet aluminum hardware. IJSBA Race Legal. Patent Pending # 60/509.114.

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