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Destroyer Sponsons - Superjet 1990-2007 - White

Destroyer Sponsons - Superjet 1990-2007 - White


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With the goal in mind of trying to improve on an already amazing product, the result is a sponson design that is simply the premier model of the Blowsion original Tubbie sponsons created in 2001. Interested in wanting to experience the Tubbie handling improvements but a little nervous about screwing and gluing into your beautiful machine with universal fit sponsons? Built and shaped specific to the unique hull shape of the 2007 and older Super Jet, the Tubbie Destroyer sponsons are 42 inches in length. Each side is fully removable with an average 10 minute per side install. Composite backed, the Destroyers do not use screws for installation. Three(3) machined billet and stainless couplings per side are included with each set of Destroyer sponsons. That is all that is required for hardware install! This is the ultimate in customized front sponson set ups and allows the rider to adapt to different riding conditions and test with ease. Designed exclusively for the shape of the 1990-2007 Super Jet bottom hull shape, these sponsons put to bed and DESTROY other poorly made copy cat front sponsons offered.

With the Blowsion patented two-plane Tubbie technology we have severely lengthened and re-defined the Tubbie Destroyer shape specifically to extend the wider footprint needed for Freeriding wave turns and barrels on the Super Jet. This allows the rider to update his 2007 and older SJ hull to ride more aggressively in the water emulating the 2008+ current Super Jet lower hull design, while still giving the ski the well known benefits of the Tubbies aggressive turning, hook up and bow buoyancy. Like all the Tubbie models offered by Blowsion, the Destroyer for the 2007 older SJ is a win-win benefit to any rider or ski. Constructed specifically with the insane big wave Freerider in mind, these are not for the faint of heart who are going out for an early morning lake ride cruise on glass. Each set includes detailed installation instructions and all stainless and billet aluminum hardware. IJSBA approved. Patent Pending # 60/509.114.

Part Number: 02-01-013

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