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Tiny Tach

Tiny Tach - with Peak RPM Recall

Tiny Tach - with Peak RPM Recall


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The Tiny Tach RPM memory tachometer will monitor engined on all stand-up models with single or twin cylinders. Used for engines with a spark firing every 180 degrees of the engine crankshaft. Maximum RPM recall feature RPM runs to 19,999. RPM updates every second (original tach updates 2.5 seconds) Total hours on engine-not resettable. Job timer-resettable. Service Time Reminder-set in hours from 5-50(an icon flashes) Service Time Reminder2-set in hours from 10-250(an icon flashes) TINY-TACH can be mounted easily using two mounting tabs or double sided tape. Electrical connections to the engine are easy too--simply attach to the insulated section of the spark plug wire, connect the ground wire to the engine ground and you are READY TO GO. (AWACCTTAPR)

Part Number: 06-04-091

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