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Speed Magic

SE Speedmagic 50mm Ninja Dual Carburetors

SE Speedmagic 50mm Ninja Dual Carburetors


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S.E - Speedmagic 50mm Ninja Dual Carburetors. 50mm dual carb set straight out of Japan (Sato Engineering). These carbs will support a wide range of applications and are perfect for big-bore motors 900cc plus.

  • Stable performance
  • Annular Discharge
  • Yuki Sato – Engineered
  • Billet Throttle Wheel & No-slop Coupler
  • Flame Arrestor Ready
  • Spacing - 120mm for most Yamaha applications
  • Base Jetting - H/S: 145 - L/S: 110 - N/S: 2.5 - Spring: 115g

Part Number: 01-02-106

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