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RRP Rickter Flow Guard

RRP Rickter Flow Guard


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The RRP Rickter Ninja Flow Guard is a performance part that was designed specifically for watercraft applications and especially for freestyle that Prevents the water flow to from the outside of the pump entering between the restriction nozzle and steering nozzle then breaking the flow water inside of the pump. Available for 144MM and 155MM Pumps. Fiberglass (Black), Carbon Fiber and TeXtreme Carbon (155MM Only).

Pump Size / Construction

  • PN# 02-01-661 - 144MM (Fiberglass Black)
  • PN# 02-01-662 - 144MM (Carbon Fiber)
  • PN# 02-01-663 - 155MM (Fiberglass Black)
  • PN# 02-01-664 - 155MM (Carbon Fiber)
  • PN# 02-01-658 - 155MM (TeXtreme Carbon)
Pump Size
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