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Rickter XFS Carbon Core

Rickter XFS Carbon Core


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The Rickter team has worked intensely over the last few years on the development of the Rickter XFS Competition Hull. These efforts have obtained amazing results in strength, stiffness, rigidity and overall weight reduction. Based on these improvements and success of XFS Competition Hull, Rickter-RRP is proud to announce for this year the industry’s most competitively priced hull based on the performance and quality. The 2019 Rickter XFS Carbon Core Fiberglass Hull is the perfect option for the rider that is looking for a high performance hull and feels the XFS Competition is out of their budget.

The performance of the 2019 XFS Carbon Core Fiberglass model will be gained by the use of the Rickter XFS Competition Hull which features a big and extended pump cavity to suit your high horsepower engine and large diameter pump.

How is the weight of the 2019 XFS Carbon Core Fiberglass model highly reduced? It is using the Carbon Core technology. What is Carbon Core? Carbon Core is a core material which is inserted between the layers and wrapped with carbon fiber. It highly increases the hull stiffness and rigidity, this new process allows Rickter to reduce the layup which is how the weight reduction has been achieved. The final testing results were shocking, the performance of this fiberglass hull will be the industry leader all thanks to the carbon core technology. Along with the carbon core and hull changes the 2019 XFS Carbon Core Fiberglass Hull will now utilize the lightweight single liner hood from the XFS Competition.

Also, you can upgrade the new XFS Carbon Core with Carbon Look or Carbon TeXtreme Look finish.

This hull will meet and exceed all of your expectations, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of this hull, give it a try you will be surprised.

Additional Parts Required: Handlepole, Handlepole Bracket, Pump, Impeller, Driveline, Control Cables, Electrical Box, Engine, Fuel Tank and all mounting accessories. Feel free to contact the Blowsion team to help you assemble your complete machine in multiple different engine and pump configurations. E-mail for detailed information and cost options.

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