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ODI Blowsion Lock Ring End Caps

ODI Blowsion Lock Ring End Caps


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ODI Grip Blowsion logo lock ring end cap combo - now you can have the anodized bling look all the way through to the end cap. Each kit includes inner lock ring, and outer lock ring/cap with attaching hardware. Eliminates the need for an additional Thug Plug purchase. Same killer lock-on grip technology. Fits all ODI Grips.


  • PN# 03-05-341 - Anodized Black
  • PN# 03-05-342 - Anodized Blue
  • PN# 03-05-343 - Anodized Clear
  • PN# 03-05-345 - Anodized Green
  • PN# 03-05-346 - Anodized Orange
  • PN# 03-05-347 - Anodized Purple
  • PN# 03-05-348 - Anodized Red
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