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Jettribe Gator Lycra Socks

Jettribe Gator Lycra Socks


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Our Jettribe Gator Socks are built for PWC riding, and are a perfect match for our Jettribe Race Boots. With our exclusive dual-layer design, the Jettribe socks are made to keep the sand and gravel out of your boots.

AIRPRENE is an advanced neoprene (U.S. Patent #4832010) that is revolutionizing sports medicine. Invented by a leading orthotist, this unique perforated fabric removes perspiration letting the skin “breathe” during strenuous exercise. Moisture goes out ensuring dry, comfortable support. Body heat stays in, keeping muscles, tendons, and ligaments loose and supple.

These Gator Socks are worn by most of the Jettribe US Team Riders, the Jettribe Chinese Team, the Jettribe Thai Team, the Jettribe Korean Team and more. They are also a favorite amoung all the holders out there that stand in all the rocks and gravel so the racers have a perfect start at the starting lines. Anyone who has bought a pair of these socks, wether a racer or the average sport rider, will tell you they are the best investment they ever made!!

  • BOOTS SIZE 7, 8, 9 = SIZE M/L
  • BOOTS SIZE 10, 11, 12 = SIZE XL/ XXL
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