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Jet Renu

Jet Renu - Purple Wash & Wax Soap Gallon

Jet Renu - Purple Wash & Wax Soap Gallon


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Jet Renu “Purple” Wash and Wax is the ultimate high foaming premium soap which is fortified with 100% Brazilian Carnauba Wax. “Purple” cleans deep down into the gel coat and painted surface, lifts away caked on dirt and grime while leaving behind a high gloss shine and a protective barrier from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our super concentrated formula is pH balanced, biodegradable and non-toxic. Size: 1 Gallon.


  • Purple is a neutral pH soap designed to wash away the contaminates from the surface without stripping any wax or protective coating on the surface while leaving a just waxed look behind.


  • Using an empty bucket, add 1-3 oz of Purple to bucket then add water. Apply to surface using a sponge or wash pad.
  • If using a foam gun, fill reservoir container with 4oz purple and 28oz of water. Connect foam gun to pressure washer and apply product directly to surface.

Part Number: JR-1002

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