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Installation Materials Kit - Footwells / Hull Reinforcement

Installation Materials Kit - Footwells / Hull Reinforcement


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Each kit includes all materials needed for mixing into, and handling, your installation resin (available seperately- links below). Silica Thickener, mixing cups, brushes, gloves and knitted fabric cloth for all seams. Also included is our much sought after Blowsion resin tips and technical install instruction sheet, which is stacked full of helpful information concerning footwell installations, hull reinforcement, and hull repair. FINALLY-- a kit with the necessary small quantities that are needed for this kind of install. No need to go buy $150.00 dollars worth of bulk materials!

You'll probably also want to choose from our Epoxy Resin Pint Kit or, Epoxy Resin Quart Kit to finish your footwell install supply list. Lastly, don't forget to re-foam behind your new footwells with our bulletproof Expanding Foam Pint Kit or, Expanding Foam Quart Kit.

Let the itching begin.....

Part Number: 06-03-113

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