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Hydro-Turf Sheet - Dual Layer - Waffle

Hydro-Turf Sheet - Dual Layer - Waffle


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New dual colors hydro turf sheets! Available in any two of the color combinations Hydro Turf offers on the below drop down menus.

You will probably also want our Under Mat Foam for custom cushion for the most sanitary and comfortable install.

See our special formulated solvent-based Mat Glue for Installation.

Please Note: 2-Tone sheets of 1/4" (6mm) Hydro-Turf with Cut Waffle. We start with a sheet that is 40" x 62", but must trim down as we can only groove a maximum of 49" and some of the color around the edges may be inconsistent. Usable area is approximately 37"x 49". We will include additional cut off piece if available. Hydro-Turf also advises that certain colors will fade, this can occur quickly and severely in some instances. Hydro-Turf will not warranty the following colors due to fading (Lime Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow and Yellow Camo).
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