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Handle Pole Limiting Rope

Handle Pole Limiting Rope


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The design of the Blowsion pole limiting rope is to STOP your pole from extending approx 2-3" from total max extension. This prevents the forward motion of the pole and riders body from destroying expensive handlepoles, pole brackets, hulls and also expensive human body parts! A spring back retention cord attaches to the bottom of the pole spring area and will also pull the pole back down if you become seperated from your ski in surf or large lake waves. All stainless mounting hardware and instructions included. Fits all stand up Yamaha FX1, all years Yamaha Super Jet, Polaris Octane, Kawasaki SXR 800, 750 SX, and 650 SX. A must for ocean or big wave riders.

Part Number: 03-04-151

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