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FrogzSkin Circle - 4.5" OD x 3" ID (1pc)

FrogzSkin Circle - 4.5" OD x 3" ID (1pc)


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Circle, 4.5" Outside Diameter by 3" Inside Diameter (1 piece per kit).

Frogzskin woven water screens are the latest intuitive technology answer in the constant horsepower battle between today's high performance engines requiring more and more air, yet still keeping out the resulting ingress of destructive salt and fresh water! Throw away that roll of air-restrictive duct tape -- Frogzskin's open mesh intake design increases airflow, while reducing performance loss due to taping off your air intakes in order to keep your engine compartment dry and pistons firing.

Frogzskin's manufacturing process utilizes the latest technology in Micro-Fiber materials. Frogzskin's special woven material vent covers are manufactured to specific quality standards allowing maximum air-flow, while employing hydrophobic characteristic that repel water intake. Industrial grade adhesive edge binding allows for a fast and easy peel-n-stick application. This combination of materials has been thoroughly tested to meet the demanding requirements of watercraft abuse in recreational, racing, freestyle and freeride watercraft environments.

Frogzskin's Universal Kits can be used in multiple locations, in combination with multiple sizes or model specific kits to maximize cooling airflow to your fire breather engine. Add more air to your engine compartment without ingesting water or debris. These kits include hole cutting templates and instructions---follow up and stick the Frogzskin barrier screen over the new air vent! MADE IN THE USA.

Part Number: 04-04-417

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