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Footwells - Klowners

Footwells - Klowners


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The Blowsion Klowner Footwells were designed especially for the rider who need MAX room in the tray.(AKA known as Klown Shoe wearers) These hand-laid, molded fiberglass insets provide extended room in the tray of your ski to position your feet. Comfortably sized for large to very large feet, the Klowner footwells contour to your ankle and also feature a gentle protrusion over the top of your foot for better locking power. Built with safety and performance in mind, the Klowner footwells will keep you in your ski while inverted, and also easily let you go when you feel like you're going to need a hurried dismount to avoid facial impact.

NOTE: Most ski installations require modification to the footwell or the ski on the right hand side of the tray to accommodate for the internal rear exhaust tube. This may reduce the size of the footwell slightly in this area, or we recommend dropping the rear exhaust tube down to accommodate (not a difficult modification- email for detailed pics). Set Includes one left and right side footwell.

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Please feel free to E-mail for more sample install pictures.

Part Number: 05-03-007

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