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Footwells - Kickers

Footwells - Kickers


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Designed specifically for the Super Jet and Kawasaki SX-R 800, and used exclusively by Ross Champion on his Factory Blowsion Yamaha SuperJets and Air Darin Anderson on his SXR's and SJ's. These hand-laid, molded fiberglass insets provide extended room in the tray of your ski to position your feet. Comfortably sized for average to larger feet (size 7- 11+), these footwells contour to your ankle and also feature a gentle protrusion over the top of your foot for better locking power. Built with safety and performance in mind, the Kicker footwells will keep you in your ski while inverted, and also easily let you go when you feel like you're going to impact for some facial fiberglass. Please feel free to e-mail for sample install pictures.

We recommend our Installation Materials Kit listed below as well as the epoxy and expanding foam kits. These carefully include all the correct quantities in economically priced sizes for the do it yourselfer.

We also listed below all our pre-cut mat kits for all applications of our Kicker footwells in both Blowsion Stitched or Blowsion Hydro-Turf mat material.

Recommended Applications - Yamaha Super Jets (all years), Kawasaki SX-R 800 (all years) and Polaris Octane.

Part Number: 05-03-005

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