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Complete Gasket Kit - Yamaha 650 (6M6)

Complete Gasket Kit - Yamaha 650 (6M6)


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Aftermarket Complete Gasket Kit for 1990-1993 Yamaha Superjet 650 6M6 Single Carb Models.

Part Number: 01-03-319

What's Included

  • 1 x Cylinder Head Gasket 77MM (Replaces OEM PN# 6R7-11181-00-00, 6R7-11181-A0-00)
  • 1 x Cylinder Base Gasket .020" (Replaces OEM PN# 6M6-11351-00-00, 6M6-11351-A1-00,)
  • 1 x Intake Manifold Gasket Top (Replaces OEM PN# 6M6-13563-00-00, 6M6-13563-A1-00)
  • 1 x Intake Manifold Gasket Lower (Replaces OEM PN# 6M6-13566-00-00, 6M6-13566-A1-00)
  • 2 x Reed Gasket (Replaces OEM PN# 6M6-13621-00-00, 6M6-13621-A1-00)
  • 2 x Carburetor Base Gasket (Replaces OEM PN# 6M6-13556-00-00, 6M6-13556-A1-00)
  • 1 x Oil Pump Gasket (Replaces OEM PN# 6R8-13116-00-00)
  • 2 x Air Intake Cover Gasket (Replaces OEM PN# 6M6-13674-00-00, 6M6-13674-A1-00)
  • 1 x Flywheel Cover Gasket (Replaces OEM PN# 6M6-81365-00-00, 6M6-81365-01-00)
  • 1 x Exhaust Manifold Gasket 6M6 (Replaces OEM PN# 6M6-14613-00-00, 6M6-14613-A0-00)
  • 1 x Exhaust Muffler Gasket (Replaces OEM PN# 6R7-14749-A1-00)
  • 1 x Exhaust Silencer Gasket (Replaces OEM PN# 6R7-14755-A0-00)
  • 1 x Exhaust Outer Cover Gasket (Replaces OEM PN# 6R7-41114-A0-00)
  • 1 x Exhaust Muffler Damper Gasket (Replaces OEM PN# 6M6-14739-A2-00)
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