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Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion Driveshaft Alignment Tool - Yamaha

Cold Fusion Driveshaft Alignment Tool - Yamaha


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We all know that everyone with a garage, pole barn or tent has been creating and building the latest greatest jet ski hulls to ever hit the water. Unfortunately, most of these endeavors fail to have the huge budget Yamaha spent in tooling to insure proper alignment of the firewall, pump, pump shoe, mid-shaft, and motor. Proper alignment is crucial to the longevity of all your expensive parts!

Now the Cold Fusion alignment tool gives you a proper method and fixtures to center your pump to the mounting points of your mid-shaft assembly (half the battle) and it provides a method to insure the drive line is parallel to the mid-shaft and square to the firewall.

    1. Install the fixture plate to your firewall.
    2. Install your pump and shim until the drive shaft is centered in the fixture with the bolts tight.
    3. Gently slide the alignment sleeve through the fixture hole and onto the drive shaft. If the sleeve slides effortlessly back and forth along the drive shaft you are properly aligned. If the sleeve binds or requires effort, the drive line is not square to the firewall and your mid-shaft housing will need to be shimmed. Place a shim under the corners of the alignment plate, snug the bolts and re-test. Re-shim if necessary until a slip fit between the sleeve and the plate is achieved. Important: Note the size and location of the shims required as these will need to be installed in the same locations when you install your mid-shaft assembly.
    4. Install your mid-shaft assembly and continue with your build knowing that your pump and mid-shaft will live in harmony in your hull.

Part Number: 04-04-064


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