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Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion Billet Hood Prongs

Cold Fusion Billet Hood Prongs


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CNC machined from billet aluminum with stainless steel pins. They are built to last, and because not all hulls are created equally, we made them adjustable in their mounting position so you can dial in that hood seal pressure. Fits 1996 and Newer Yamaha Superjets, Rickters, and other aftermarket hulls. Available in anodized Black or Clear. Sold as Pair (2).


  • PN# 04-04-052 - Anodized Black (Discontinued)
  • PN# 04-04-051 - Anodized Red (Discontinued)
  • PN# 04-04-063 - Anodized Clear (Discontinued)
PLEASE NOTE: This product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.
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