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Blowsion Big Bore Engine 760cc

Blowsion Big Bore Engine 760cc


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Always a favorite with the free rider and freestyle crowd, the Blowsion 760 big bore uses our Blowsion 760 Freeride Sleeves that receive a full CNC port job before the cylinder liners are even installed. We match the cases, true and weld the crank and finish up with precise hand grinding for one of the most impressive 760s you can ride. Please note can we can offer this cylinder set up ranging from a stock stroke to a 5 mil stroker for additional cost. Call or Email for further details and costs.

This short block engine package includes the following:

  • Blowsion Billet Girdle Head Kit: Part # 01-03-101
  • Blowsion 85mm Domes 2x: Part # Part # 01-03-138
  • Blowsion Big Bore Sleeves 2x: Part # 01-03-452
  • Hot Rod Yamaha CrankShaft: Part # 01-03-701
  • Yamaha 701 61X Cylinder
  • Yamaha Crankcase Assembly: Part # 62T-15100-00-8S
  • 84mm Piston kit w/ Wrist Pin Bearing 2x:
  • Install Big Bore Sleeves 2x:
  • Machine Crankcases to Accept Big Bore Sleeves
  • Blowsion Freeride/Freestyle Cylinder/Crankcase Porting

Part Number: 01-03-756

Short Block Engines do not include flywheel or flywheel cover.

PLEASE NOTE: This engine is currently available. For a custom built engine with your own specifications please Email us for a detailed reply with all available options.

Compression ( * = must use 100+ octane fuel. )
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