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Blowsion Strap Hook Base

Blowsion Strap Hook Base


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With the ever evolving aftermarket hulls and different engine configurations available in today's market the Blowsion Mechanic team consistently ran into problems with having to relocate individual components E.G Exhaust, Battery and Mounting Straps etc... So they went to work and designed a Billet Aluminum Strap Hook Base. These Strap Hook Bases have a pocket machined out of the back side so they can be glue/epoxied anywhere on the hull, they also include a 6mm threaded hole so that OEM or Our Blowsion Billet Strap Hook can be attached to the base enabling you to mount straps anywhere you want. These seem like a simple part but they save you huge amounts of time when relocating components. During testing of this product we epoxied a Strap Hook Base to a piece of Fiberglass and the small base was able to hold the weight of over 200lbs so these bases can withhold massive amounts of pressure.

NOTE: Strap Hook Sold Separately.

Color Options

  • PN# 04-04-022 - Anodized Black
  • PN# 04-04-023 - Anodized Blue
  • PN# 04-04-024 - Anodized Green
  • PN# 04-04-025 - Anodized Orange
  • PN# 04-04-026 - Anodized Red
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