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Blowsion Steering Cable Bracket - Yamaha Superjet 2021+

Blowsion Steering Cable Bracket - Yamaha Superjet 2021+


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The Blowsion Steering Cable Bracket for the 2021 and newer Yamaha Superjet allows for the relocation of the steering cable resulting in a more positive steering experience. Accelerates steering response and dramatically improves the slow turning characteristic within the 4-stroke Superjet. Combine with our Blowsion Universal OVP Steering System for more cable adjustment (Optional). The additional cable movement allows the steering nozzle to turn further as well as a more linear turning ratio. All levels of riders from weekend warrior to championship buoy racer will benefit. Requires the use of Blowsion Superjet Heavy Duty Steering Cable (Standard Length) Part # 02-05-302 (Sold Separately).

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Part Number: 03-04-199

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