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Blowsion Pole Bracket - Kawasaki 440/550

Blowsion Pole Bracket - Kawasaki 440/550


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When our design department set out to build the ultimate JS handlepole bracket we had to drop them in a time machine as they were not even born when the original JS skis hit the water. Our goal was to honor the classic styling of the OG while giving it a futuristic facelift. The result is best described as the DeLorean of brackets but cooler. Crafted from billet aluminum that’s practically an area 51 secret, this bracket is more high-tech than your neighbors smart fridge. Ok, let’s get serious for a second. This bracket will allow you to install most aftermarket handlepoles including (Blowsion & RRP) on JS hulls when using Yamaha bushing spacing. Installing this beast will make you the envy of the beach whether you are cranking buoys or subs!

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