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Blowsion Mat Glue - Quart

Blowsion Mat Glue - Quart


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Blowsion Mat Kit Glue "Blow Goo" to the rescue. Use this solvent-based contact adhesive with your Hydro Turf or stitched mat kit and never worry again about your mats coming loose. This is the NASTIEST adhesive we could find. Not your ordinary off the shelf water-based laminate glue found at Home Depot, this is a special BLOW GOO that when used in conjunction with our seam edge super glues, (1 Oz SupeGlue 2 Oz Super Glue Rubber Toughened Super Glue and acelerator ) guarantees Y3K permanent mats! Available in Quart and Pint quantity.

Part Number: 06-03-142

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