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Blowsion Fuel Pickup - Yamaha

Blowsion Fuel Pickup - Yamaha


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Introducing the new Blowsion Yamaha Fuel Pickup. Designed with the option for use as a single, dual and triple pickup this billet beauty is the lowest profile and lightest weight internal fuel filler available. Features include heavy duty O-ringed tank and fuel cap seals, fuel pickup tubes and filters for retrieving fuel under the most insane water action, (also resulting in maximum pickup tube depth for increased run time!). Pickup tubes can also be trimmed and used for reserve line, return line or tank vent, depending on carburetor setup and fuel demands needed. Each filler includes block off plugs for single carbs or OEM Yamaha carbs as well as a Blowsion front rubber tank block off. No OEM tank modifications necessary. Fits all years 1990 to current Yamaha Super Jet.

Color Options

  • PN# 01-02-494 - Anodized Black
  • PN# 01-02-495 - Anodized Clear
  • PN# 01-02-496 - Anodized Red
  • PN# 01-02-497 - Anodized Blue
  • PN# 01-02-498 - Anodized Green
  • PN# 01-02-499 - Anodized Orange
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