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Blowsion 8mm Billet Conical Washers

Blowsion 8mm Billet Conical Washers


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Blowsion 8mm Billet Conical Washers. Replace the brittle and breakable plastic nylon washers that are included with Rickter and many aftermarket hulls. Also popular for use as dressing up your dash when mounting the Cold Fusion Electrical Box Bracket or the new Blowsion Turbulator chin pads.

NOTE: Kit includes set of 4 washers.


  • PN# 04-04-015 - Anodized Black
  • PN# 04-04-016 - Anodized Blue
  • PN# 04-04-017 - Anodized Green
  • PN# 04-04-018 - Anodized Orange
  • PN# 04-04-019 - Anodized Red
  • PN# 04-04-020 - Anodized Clear
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