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ADA Cylinder Head Dome - Kawasaki 550SX

ADA Cylinder Head Dome - Kawasaki 550SX


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ADA Cylinder Head Dome for ADA Racing Kawasaki 550SX billet head. Zero squish relief machined into the dome at 76mm with a 10-degree angle. Squish area is approximately 50% of the bore area.

Includes OR041 compression o-ring and OR020 top of dome o-ring. Compression readings are based on a stock cylinder at sea level.

Sizes / Compression

  • PN# KA5518 - 18cc (230lbs)
  • PN# KA5519 - 19cc (220lbs)
  • PN# KA5520 - 20cc (210lbs)
  • PN# KA5521 - 21cc (200lbs)
  • PN# KA5522 - 22cc (190lbs)
  • PN# KA5523 - 23cc (180lbs)
  • PN# KA5524 - 24cc (170lbs)
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