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Skat-Trak Impeller - Yamaha E+75 160MM

Skat-Trak Impeller - Yamaha E+75 160MM


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Increased acceleration, bottom end hook-up and hi-rev grunt are only a few of the advantages of the revolutionary Blowsion Large Magnum Hub cut back impellers now being offered. These machined masterpieces work more efficiently than any stock or aftermarket "out of the box" impeller due to the blueprinting and cut back modifications performed. By machining the impeller, we are able to relocate it closer to the vein section of the pump, increasing response and reducing aeration of the water flow. The larger hub diameter of the Magnum Hub we use increases volume displacement amd virtually eliminates cavitation problems in the surf and river chop. Finally....the performance that freeriders and racers deserve! After adding all the unique performance mods and custom setups to your ski, why go with an off the shelf generic stainless impeller made overseas? We don't, nor do our customers. Go with a specific performance impeller that is tailor fit to your ski and riding style. Our impeller selection is unreal and the Blowsion staff can advise via email or phone the best combination for your current ski setup.

* CUT BACK OPTION is a modification which is done to our impellers that allows for tighter blade tolerances between the pump stator and impeller. This provides for reduced cavitation and increased hook-up.

PLEASE NOTE: This product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.
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