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Rickter XFR Hull

Rickter XFR Hull


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The All New Rickter XFR and XFR-LT for extreme freeride. This is a short hull that can perform crazy tricks in the surf. It will spin, flip and carve like no other ski can. It is extremely easy to flip, due to its short length, but also really stable when riding in a straight line by using back sponson technology of the EDGE. This new hull was designed for the hardcore free rider but with adjustable ride features to assist learning by all rider skill levels. Purchase as equipped for $7599.00, or allow the Blowsion team to assemble your complete machine in multiple different engine and pump configurations. Please E-mail for detailed information and cost options.

Additional Parts Required: Handlepole, Pump, Impeller, Driveline, Control Cables, Electrical box, Engine, Fuel Tank and all mounting accessories. Feel free to contact the Blowsion team to help you assemble your complete machine in multiple different engine and pump configurations. E-mail for detailed information and cost options.


  • Tray Has been extended to allow the riders stance to be farther forward.
  • Extra adjustable binding system.
  • The tray bottom was lowered on each side of the pump to improve lower center of gravity when riding.
  • The rear rail was lip rocker raised exponentially to allow easier back flip rotation.
  • Bond rails are now radiused at 45 degrees for better grip during turns.
  • Completely new hood top cover design resulting in a larger engine compartment access.
  • Structural design edges have been added to the hull to increase strength and rigidity.
  • Increased front tray padding may now be used for knee support during no-handed aerial freestyle tricks.
  • Recessed pump and the intake track assists in keeping the XFR hooked up for aerial jumps, flips, and choppy surf conditions.

Parts Included

  • Rickter Hull w/Graphics
  • Low Profile Hood w/Hood Seal
  • Billet Hood Hooks
  • Billet Scupper Valve
  • Billet Handlepole Bracket
  • Billet Engine Bracket Mounts
  • Adjustable Footwells & Mats
  • Rear Sponsons
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