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Rickter MX1 Hull

Rickter MX1 Hull


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After 2 years of R&D with the best sit down freeriders, The Rickter Team is very proud to introduce the all new Rickter MX1 Hull. The Rickter MX-1 Hull is fully inspired by the famous Yamaha WaveBlaster with added stability and amazing handling. Available in Fiberglass, Carbon Look, Carbon TeXtreme Look, Full Carbon Fiber and Full Carbon TeXtreme.

We worked hard to give this hull a complete Dirt bike, riding feeling, in the liquid element. The MX1 is ultra reactive, it will back flip and roll but at the same time carve and tracks on waves with incredible balance. That makes it a unit that a pro rider or or an amateur rider easily rip on the MX1 in no time.

For stability and cornering, we widen and lower the 45° rails to go against the barrel effect of the hull in order to improve stability on landings, handling and cornering at high speed.

We built a low deck with a special design rear platform as a low seat design to keep the center of gravity down and to make easier all waterstarts maneuvers.

MX1 is equipped with the Rickter Rocker nose which is following the same program as our Edge surf ski, deep rear shims to hook in the turns, big water intake suitable with pump from 144 to 155mm, strong hood with dual locking system.

It comes also with fully turfed with Mats, Adjustable Foot Straps and integrated handholds for seat grabs.

The engine compartment is offering a big space to fit any engines and pipes on a Yamaha base. All insert locations are Yamaha Superjet ready. You can assemble this hull exactly the same way and with same elements as our stand up.

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