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Rickter Edge FR

Rickter Edge FR


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Whether you are playing at the lake, carving buoys, ripping flat water freestyle or wave riding, The new EDGE is by far the most versatile hull Rickter has ever built. Years of riding, research, and development have enabled Rickter to build an incredible hull which excels in all water conditions. The design focus was to build a hull that performs at high speeds in the surf, plus improving maneuverability, while at the same time providing a very stable and predictable hull for all levels of riders. With all the development put into the new Rickter edge we surpassed our own expectations, we truly believe it will meet yours. Many changes have been made to the bottom of the hull to deliver unbelievable control and hookup in corners. First we increased the depth of the chimes on the bottom, to highly improve tracking. Next we shortened the front and the back of the hull to greatly increase maneuverability. The RICKTER R&D team also spent an extended amount of time testing rail heights and widths to find the perfect size and position that highly improves the hull's stability and hook up.The all new Edge is equipped with a high velocity intake track that maximizes water flow to feed the pump. Each Edge comes with a set removable rear sponsons. With sponsons off, riders will experience less pressure on the back of the ski. It will flip more easily in small surf, as well as increase flat water freestyle performance. With sponsons on, you have a hull that is extremely stable, with amazing hook up needed for fast riding and rough water conditions. The Edge comes with our signature fully adjustable binding system. The top deck of the Edge has been totally redesigned with a new stealth look, The RICKTER Edge graphics feature a “Classic RICKTER” look and the all New “Digital Camo” designs. They are both available in classic and neon colors.

Additional Parts Required: Handlepole, Pump, Impeller, Driveline, Control Cables, Electrical box, Engine, Fuel Tank and all mounting accessories. Feel free to contact the Blowsion team to help you assemble your complete machine in multiple different engine and pump configurations. E-mail for detailed information and cost options.

Hull Models

The Edge is manufactured in two models FS And FR. The difference is that the FR feature an extra strong lay up to resist the worst abuse in surf riding Believe us our team riders are taking care of putting our equipement to the ultimate test. All EDGE hulls are built with 100% epoxy resin using a high tech infusion process. To see the high end construction process have a look at our factory video. The EDGE hulls are available in: Fiberglass, Visual Carbon Fiber Look, Visual Carbon TeXtreme Look, Full Carbon Fiber and Full Carbon TeXtreme.

Color Options

Parts Included

  • Rickter Hull w/Graphics
  • Low Profile Hood w/Hood Seal
  • Billet Hood Hooks
  • Billet Scupper Valve
  • Billet Handlepole Bracket
  • Billet Engine Bracket Mounts
  • Removable Rear Sponsons
  • Adjustable Footwells & Mats
Hull Construction
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