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ODI Vans Grips Gum (130mm)

ODI Vans Grips Gum (130mm)


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Calling in Jeff Spicoli to join the design masters at ODI and VANS, the results speak for themselves! Some of the sweetest grips ever created, get on the stoke and equip your ride with a combination of American classics. These limited edition "gum" colored grips are exact replica of the VANS tread bottom and include black and white checkered clamps.

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Part Number: 03-05-364

Design Features

  • Vans Waffle sole pattern utilizing ODI's proprietary grip compounds
  • Provides exceptional feel and control in all conditions
  • Aluminum clamps secure the grip on both ends using hex wrench
  • Grip set includes Lock-On grips, black checkered clamps, and screws.
  • Length: 130mm

CUSTOM NOTE: Blowsion color anodized lock ring sets available, or replace the inner set of lock rings and outer end cap with one sealed and bulletproof Blowsion billet anodized end cap in seven custom anodized color options! See NEW Blowsion Integrated End Cap Set! (odigrips)

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