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ODI Ruffian Grips Black (120mm)

ODI Ruffian Grips Black (120mm)


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The ODI Ruffian 120mm (with 3/4 flange) grips are designed for optimal control in wet conditions. The grip's narrow diamondized surface pattern provides an excellent gripping system and the Lock-On design offers 100% slip-free performance. Anodized Clear Locking collars on both sides of the grips keep them securely in place. Guaranteed.

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Part Number: 03-05-306

Design Features

  • Shortened 120mm Length
  • 3/4 Flange Helps Keep Hands on Bars
  • Narrow Diamondized Surface Pattern
  • 100% Slip-Free Performance
  • Includes Silver Lock-Jaw Clamps

CUSTOM NOTE: Blowsion color anodized lock ring sets available, or replace the inner set of lock rings and outer end cap with one sealed and bulletproof Blowsion billet anodized end cap in seven custom anodized color options! See NEW Blowsion Integrated End Cap Set! (odigrips)

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