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2021 Rickter Edge FS / FR (Carbon)

2021 Rickter Edge FS / FR (Carbon)


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The all new 2021 Rickter Edge Hull. Whether you are playing at the lake, carving buoys, ripping flat water freestyle, wave riding or freeride the Edge is by far the most versatile hull we have ever built. Years of riding, research, and development have enabled Rickter to construct an incredible hull that excels in all water conditions. Our design focus was to build a hull that performs at high speeds in the surf, plus improving maneuverability, while at the same time providing a very stable and predictable hull for all levels of riders. With all the development put into the new Rickter edge we surpassed our own expectations, we truly believe it will meet yours. The Edge manufactured two models FS and FR. The Edge is built with 100% epoxy resin using a high-tech infusion process.

With feedback from Rickter pro riders, distributors and customers, Rickter dug into the design to create a new dedicated freeride based and advanced handling hull. Built upon the existing bottom deck with key improvements as well as an entirely new top deck design, we are excited to release the new and improved 2021 Rickter Edge.

The Rickter Edge FR Model features an extra-strong layup to resist the worst abuse in surf riding. It is an excellent unit for wave-riding. Our team riders are taking care of putting our equipment to the ultimate test.

The Rickter Edge FS Model is a great unit that can accommodate different types of riding styles, such as slalom and freestyle.

Additional Parts Required: Handlepole, Pump, Impeller, Driveline, Control Cables, Electrical box, Engine, Fuel Tank and all mounting accessories. Feel free to contact the Blowsion team to help you assemble your complete machine in multiple different engine and pump configurations. E-mail for detailed information and cost options.

New Features

Balanced Aggressive Chines

  • The 2021 Rickter EDGE maintains the same length as the previous model yet has unique improvements to improve stability, comfort, and improve handling characteristics. The chines on the New EDGE have been made more aggressive and carried from front to back evenly. Combined with the wider footprint from the rails in the rear of the ski, the new EDGE handles aggressively yet is linear and intuitive with the rider's input of body weight into turns. Riders looking for the speed and style from wave to wave or buoy to buoy will smile as they enjoy this improvement.

Factory Installed Front Sponsons

  • Rickter has developed a front sponson set that provides a linear transition into turns and provides a hydro-foil effect to keep the hull and intake engaged while the ski pivots through turns. Top and bottom turns on waves can be made with power and fluidity.

Incorporated Splash Guard

  • By request of customers and pro riders, the new EDGE comes with an aggressive and ergonomic designed splash guard on the bottom of the ski while maintaining the traditional rocker of the hull. Water pushed forward off the rockered keel while riding is deflected to the sides of the ski for greater comfort and visibility while riding through dynamic water conditions.

Smoother Landings and Comfort Through Rough Water

  • The bottom of the hull ahead of the intake cavity has a subtle contour incorporated into the hull, which breaks the water while riding through chop and disperses water evenly during impacts. By reducing the traditionally flat surface area, the result is a smoother transition into turns, comfort while riding through rough water, and softer landings from jumps.

Increased Stability

  • To embrace the best handling characteristics of the hull we have widened the top of the rail to improve stability.

New Ergonomic Top Deck Design

  • Keeping true to the legacy and name of the "EDGE" the new top deck design incorporates new lines that boldens the designs and provides more strength to the top deck with bold new graphic options.

Front Foothold / EVA Traction Tray Design (Optional)

  • By popular demand, EDGE now can come with the bolt-on Rickter Front Foothold accessory installed. This feature is optional. The front foothold provides forward leverage that gives the rider and connected feeling to the ski with freedom to chance stance or adjust foot position on the fly.

Wider Front Tray and Foothold Binding Options

  • The front of the tray leading toward the Front Foothold has been widened at a tapered angle which puts the rider’s foot at a better angle while riding. Factory EVA- Traction is installed using smooth brushed EVA on the rails and gunnels. The base of the tray is padded with 26mm plush under pad for comfort and protection during big jumps. A kicktail is also standard to provide leverage on the back of the ski during surf riding. The top of the tray is lined with an exclusive version of Hydro-Turf’s Black Molded Diamond EVA that is extremely durable yet soft for comfort.

    All EDGE hulls comes standard with traditional AB bindings or can be upgraded to Ninja Bindings Fiber. New for 2021 is the ability to order a right and or left side Gomez Edition Freeride binding. Designed and used by 3x IFWA Freeride World Champion Mark Gomez, this binding takes the place of what would be a surf strap while utilizing the RRP Adjustable rail system to install and adjust the binding. The uniquely designed binding is made with additional padding to be able to kick into straight and then the rider can pivot their heel in order to engage the kick tail while their foot is secured by the binding for a secured, surf stance especially while utilizing the new front foothold. More details regarding this binding coming soon.

Pump Cavity and Ride Plate

  • The intake and pump cavity have remained the same as previous models accepting Yamaha based pumps 144mm - 155mm for easy installation using RRP Pump Shoes. A new accessory for the EDGE with large pump applications, is a dedicated 155mm pump Ride plate. Made to contour the bottom of the larger pump without having to grind and or shim the ride plate to fit and made with a compression mold for maximum strength and durability.

What's Included

  • Rickter Edge Hull Painted with Graphics
  • Front Sponsons
  • Adjustable Binding System
  • Adjustable Engine Supports
  • Scupper Valve
  • Billet Hood Hooks
  • Mat Kit
  • Hood Seal and Pad
  • Billet Pole Bracket
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